Code : Spn 102 Fmi 2

Charge Air Pressure Sensor Defective

Charged Air Pressure Above Shut Off Threshold

Charged Air Pressure Above Warning Threshold

Integrated Intake Pressure Runs Out Of Expected Range: Wheel-based Vehicle Speed Voltage Below Normal, Or Shorted To Low Source; Intake Pressure Deviation Is Integrated Over Time, Too High Deviations Over Time Lead To This Fault.

Pressure Downstream Charge Air Cooler, Plausibility Error

Spn 102 Fmi 2 problem code is about Pressure Downstream Charge Air Cooler, Plausibility Error. If you don't take the time to look into Spn 102 Fmi 2 engine problem when it arises, it can add up quickly. One small issue like Spn 102 Fmi 2 can cause a larger component to become damaged without taking the time to investigate. If you suspect your truck is suffering from one of these issues, look into replacing those small components to save money down the road.

Note: This description represents text descriptions for faults supported by another coding system and does not necessarily comply with SAE J1939. For a specific engine manufacturer's explanation for codes, please consult the engine's technical manual.

SPNFMI Faults and Engine error code check tool. SPN code listing with names and descriptions.

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